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Nebraska Relief 2019
Tack and Trade Company is a drop off location for relief items and donations for the Nebraska Flood Victims. This particular mission is for the western community whom lost it all and have livestock.
Donations can also be made at Facebook page thru a link at:
Nebraska Relief and Aid 2019
or mail to
Nebraska Rancher Fund Attn: Kate Avers-VP/Heritage Director 1st Bank and Trust
PO Box 580 Fullerton, NE 68638
Here is what’s needed:
Milk Replacers
Fencing Supplies
Barb/Electircal Wire
Posts, Insulators & Staples
Corral Panels
Betdine scrubs livestock
Lick Tubs
Sheep Wire and Panels
Calf Huts
Inforce For Calves
Fly Tags
Pink eye Treatment
Green Y Yes Calf Tags
Calf Tags
Diaque Electrolytes
Monetary Donations
Donations will be delivered in April and on.
Contact: Amy 970-497-9919